Multiple dhcp servers setup in the same network.

Hua Zhong Wang wanghuaz at
Tue Jun 28 13:52:03 UTC 2011


We are using a RHEL6 server to manage a cluster, dhcp server with a dynamic
range is also setup on this server to assign dynamic IPs to the clients.

For redundancy, another RHEL6 server with the same configuration needs to
be setup in the same network.

So the question is what will happen if two dhcp servers with same dynamic
range setup in the same network?  Will two dhcp servers sync with each
other once they found the conficts after a dhcp request comes?

I have tested that it is working well with two dhcp servers in this case,
but I want to make sure that from code pespective since this is more
accurate to understand the code process.

Best Regards,

Wang Huazhong

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