ldap with dhcp - a bug or a feature?

Jürgen Dietl juergen.dietl at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 8 15:28:17 UTC 2011


I run ISC DHCP V 3.1 and ISC DHCP 4.2.1 with LDAP extensions. To make it
easier I turned off dhcp-fo and just have one

dhcp-server and one ldap-server.

When I do a ipconfig renew on the host it seems that the dhcp-server looks
for a host object. If it dont find an object

it leaves the ldap server and look into its cache. So if I change the lease
in ldap database the server still answers

with the old lease in cache.

When I setup a host object in ldap then it works perfect.

I know it should work like that:

"If you mention static all the objects will be read and after that LDAP
server is never contacted. But if you mention

dynamic the class and host objects are ignored at the beginning. They are
being read whenever there is a request for


But where is the sense of this behavior? I want to be able to update any
object in ldap database without restarting the

server. Where is the sense to make a host object for each attribute I will

So if there is no host object I have to restart dhcpd every time I make a
change in ldab?

Do anyone know a work around for this strange behavior?

thanx in advance,
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