ISC DHCP 4.2 with LDAP and IPv6

Jiri Popelka jpopelka at
Thu Mar 10 11:45:23 UTC 2011

On 03/09/2011 05:32 PM, Miroslav Lauš wrote:
> Hello,
> is the LDAP support in DHCP 4.2 ready to support IPv6 scenario?
> Regards,
> Miroslav

I don't think so.
But I have a patch from Fran Taylor that should offer this.
I got it about year ago with a question if I can apply it to dhcp we 
ship with Fedora.
David Cantrell (maintainter of "ldap-for-dhcp") applied it to git repository
just before releasing of dhcp-4.2.0, which contains the "ldap-for-dhcp" 
(but without that Fran's patch).

I don't know whether Fran sent that patch to ISC so I think I can do it now.
I include it also here if you are interested.

Original message from Fran:

Attached is a patch that I have written for dhcpd so that DHCPv6
client information can be stored in LDAP.

It is admittedly fairly crude, but I have been running it for over a
year now and it seems to work fine.  I have tested it with linux,
Solaris, Windows, and OSX clients.

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