dhcrelay does not relay answers back to client

Peter Daum gator_ml at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 11 23:36:43 UTC 2011

--- Bruce Hudson <Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca> wrote on Fr, 11.3.2011:

>     This command tells the relay to listen on
> "eth0", which is not the
> interface that the replies from the dhcp server come in on.
> Hence those
> replies are ignored. You need to listen on the outside
> interface as well.

... I also tried it it with additional "-i tun0" (the VPN tunnel,
that the reply is coming from) without any difference. I am not
sure whether "dhcrelay" does not ignore "tun0" anyway, because I
always get a warning saying:
tun0: unknown hardware address type 65534


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