Is there any way to include the current running DHCP Version Number in the log-file?

Jürgen Dietl juergen.dietl at
Wed Mar 23 10:15:11 UTC 2011


In the source code there is a file called "dhcpd.c"

If you open that file find a section:

openlog ("dhcpd-4.1ESV", LOG_NDELAY,[0]);
                                /* Log the startup banner into the new
                                   log file. */

normally there stands only dhcpd. If you write now for example dhpcd-4.1ESV
in that file and recompile the daemon it writes this entry in the logfile.
When you now have for testing purpose several versions of dhcpd on the
server you could log all dhcp in a log file with syslog-ng and see what
error is produced from what version.

Of course you have also have to modify the syslog-ng file because it listen
to dhcpd not to dhcpd-4.1ESV.


2011/3/21 Niall O'Reilly <Niall.oReilly at>

> On 18 Mar 2011, at 16:54, Simon Hobson wrote:
> > The OP mentioned running multiple versions - but I don't recall whether
> that was one at a time or simultaneously (probably the former). Even if you
> only run one version at a time, having to go back through the logs to find
> the version from the last startup messages could be a pain on a busy system.
>         Not just painful, but also error-prone.
>        Including the PID in log messages (as BIND named does) would support
>        reliable and mechanizable matching of the startup message with
>        subsequent log entries.
>        Perhaps there's a way to do this already by configuration, but I
>        couldn't find it ...
>        /Niall
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