Insert delay in dhcp3-relay ?

Benjamin hexor38 at
Sun May 8 16:06:18 UTC 2011

Le 05/05/2011 09:05, dhcp-users-request at a écrit :
> You may care to look at the min-secs statement. Adding this to the
> subnet declaration for the 'remote' subnet on each server should
> achieve what you want.
>          The min-secs statement
>             min-secs seconds;
>             Seconds should be the minimum number of seconds since a client began
>             trying to acquire a new lease before the DHCP server will respond to
>             its  request.   The  number  of  seconds is based on what the client
>             reports, and the maximum value that the client  can  report  is  255
>             seconds.    Generally,  setting  this to one will result in the DHCP
>             server not responding to the  client's  first  request,  but  always
>             responding to its second request.
>             This  can  be  used  to  set  up a secondary DHCP server which never
>             offers an address to a client until  the  primary  server  has  been
>             given a chance to do so.   If the primary server is down, the client
>             will bind to the secondary  server,  but  otherwise  clients  should
>             always  bind  to  the primary.   Note that this does not, by itself,
>             permit a primary server and a secondary server to share  a  pool  of
>             dynamically-allocatable addresses.
> -- Simon Hobson
This is the function I need ! but ... I have test it, and it don't work, 
I put the min-secs in my range but the DHCP send an offer without delay 
(min-secs delay).
Have you got an idea  why the delay don't work ? ( I have tested out of 
the range (at the start of dhcpd.conf) but it's the same result...)


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