Documentation for dhclient.

Stephan Tiriac stman937-dhcp at
Wed May 11 00:41:13 UTC 2011

> My manpage has:
> > The -r flag explicitly releases the current  lease,  and  once  the
> >        lease has been released, the client exits.
> >
> >        If the client is killed by a signal (for example at shutdown or
> > reboot) it won't execute the        dhclient-script (8) at exit. However
> > if you shut the client down gracefully with -r or -x it        will
> > execute dhclient-script (8) at shutdown with the specific reason for
> > calling the script        set.

Maybe you could tell me what's the difference between the  -r and -x 

Thanks for your help,Stephan 		 	   		  
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