no free leases

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed May 11 08:25:11 UTC 2011

Steven Stromer wrote:

>  > OK, your setup allows only specified devices into each pool - 
>therefore any device not matching those criteria will not be able to 
>get a lease and the server will lot "no free leases" which should 
>really be "no leases free that I'm allowed to issue".
>Thanks for your response! I'm not sure if you are making reference 
>here to the intentionally defined dual subnets, or to a 
>misconfiguration that will only allow devices with reservations to 
>connect. If the former, the creation of two subnets is intentional, 
>and I understand that devices will only be able to connect to one or 
>another. If the latter, then please tell me which directive is 
>keeping non-explicitly reserved devices from connecting. In fact, 
>this later scenario is precisely what's occurring; devices with 
>defined reservations are able to obtain addresses without problem, 
>though only in the upper subnet, where *no* explicit reservations 
>are specified.

Can you clarify, are these two subnets on separate networks, or on 
the same network ?

Simon Hobson

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