dhcpd handing out wrong gateway

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 15:03:22 UTC 2011

Fredrik Björk wrote:

>We're having occasional problems with ISC dhcpd 
>handing out an incorrect gateway (option 
>routers) to some clients. This happens only for 
>specific clients and is more or less persistent 
>for those. The config is somewhat complicated 
>and involves a few shared networks.
>What happens is that a client in network 
> gets a correct IP, the 
>appropriate subnet mask and all other options, 
>but the gateway is, which is in a 
>totally different subnet and even another shared 
>network! Anybody with a clue about what's going 
>on out there?
>Just to give you a rough idea on the structure, 
>I've filtered out a few lines from the config:

You've filtered too much out - it is impossible 
to answer your query since the config you post 
doesn't actually allow any client in that network 
to get an address. Since we can't see where the 
client gets it's address and information from, we 
can't suggest where it's going wrong.

I do have a hunch, but I don't want to send you on a wild goose chase.

>shared-network BSR3CPE {
>         subnet netmask {
>         subnet netmask {
>         subnet netmask {
>shared-network CASACPE {
>         subnet netmask {
>         subnet netmask {
>         subnet netmask {

Can you post the full config for those shared 
networks AND any host declarations (and groups 
they might be contained in) referencing the 
client ?

Simon Hobson

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