how to NOT to send a option

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You might try using "option dhcp-parameter-request-list" to manipulate it.


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maybe this is a dumb question, but I have no idea how to do it:

My situation: 
I have a lot of subnets with a configuration for each one in my dhcpd.conf.
And I have a group of clients which are needing special options regardless in which subnets they are.
So I defined a group-statement with these options and host-entries for theses clients in the group-statement.

So far, this is working.

My problem is: In some subnets there are options configured that these clients mustn't get. If this is a option which is defined within the group-statement, then it's okay because the group-statement is more specific. 
But if it's an option which isn't defined in the group-statement, the the dhcpd is sending it to the client.

My question:
How can I forbid certain options to be send to the client in the group-statement?

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