Serving two subnets on same VLAN

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The approach that I took years ago for this problem was to enclose the subnet declarations inside a network declaration.  I then used a class identifier to determine which DHCP IP address range to use for the device.  I also had to use pool declarations so that I could have access controls to restrict address allocations to members of a class.

On 24 Sep 2011, at 12:53 , Norman Elton wrote:

> Assume that a router is configured with three interfaces:
> (primary interface)
> (secondary interface)
> (secondary interface)
> The router is configured to be a DHCP relay; however, only sends
> requests from its primary interface ( Therefore, the DHCP
> server only responds with addresses from that pool. However, clients
> can access the network via either of the secondary interfaces if they
> had a proper address.
> Is there a way to configure the DHCP server to recognize that requests
> relayed by can be fulfilled by IP address from all three
> pools?
> Hope this makes sense, thanks!
> Norman
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