agent.remote-id problem

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Tue Sep 27 12:42:30 UTC 2011


I have searched many mailing lists to get this problem solved, but I can't
find any appropriate solution. The basic idea is to get a static IP
assignment to devices using the following clauses:

host temp { option agent.remote-id "value"; fixed-address IP; }

Currently we have mutiple pools (with size of 1 IP) and classes etc. and
would like to get rid of them. We are using something like (binary-to-ascii
(16,8,":",option agent.remote-id) = "MAC ADDRESS") to classify the devices.
However, it seems that using binary-to-ascii is a no-go when using option
agent.remote-id in a host clause. How can I then use it? When trying to log
the value directly I get no output (I think because option agent.remote-id
contains some unprintable characters), so I basically have no values to
compare the option agent.remote-id with.

I will be very grateful for any ideas and comments :)

Best regards,
Matej Serc
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