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Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at
Tue Sep 27 19:59:23 UTC 2011

> This might be a good place to make an observation about the contents of
> the DHCPACK that is sent in response to a DHCPINFORM, as compared to one
> sent in response to a DHCPREQUEST.  The one sent in response to a 
> contains only the options found in the subnet and shared network
> configurations.  If you have overridden any of these options in a group 
>(for a
> static reservation) or pool (for a dynamic range), those are not sent. 
> So when
> a workstations gets initially configured due to the DORA, at some time
> later, when an INFORM goes out, it's options may change.
>    This was of significant to us due to a set of workstations that were
> being directed to a reserved set of DNS servers, and a special 
> gateway.  They
> existed in a shared network where all the other workstations were our
> standard default.  I had written the configurations to place all the
> options in
> the shared network, and the special options into the group 
> configuration. 
> The workstations would function for a few hours, then fall apart after
> the INFORM.  I had to move the default options into the pool clauses and
> duplicate them into the group clauses.

Thank you, good to know!
Even though it sounds less like a description of the intentend behaviour and more like the description of a bug.

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