Meaning of logmessages

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Wed Sep 28 15:59:32 UTC 2011

>   The INFORM contains ciaddr, giaddr, chaddr, as well as the client
> identifier (in case it is different than the chaddr).  This should be
> sufficient to fully identify the lease details, and fetch the correct
> options.

    The RFC states:

	> The server SHOULD check the network address in a DHCPINFORM
	> message for consistency, but MUST NOT check for an existing
	> lease. 

    That seems to be taken to mean that no configuration information should
be taken from an existing lease even if one exists. I suppose it does not
forbid using static configuration taken from any host entry (or parent 
group) the IP address or ethernet address may map to but that could easily
map to multiple, conflicting sets of parameters. What do you do if the
DHCPINFORM request from a chaddr specifies an IP address different from
the one the server would give it?
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