Client has not able to get IPv6 address??

Oskar Berggren oskar.berggren at
Mon Apr 2 11:41:17 UTC 2012

Den 2 april 2012 13:03 skrev  <ameen.shajahan at>:
> Hi all,
>                 I have tested the dhcpv6 server using ISC dhcp-4.2.3. while
> issuing ipconfig /renew from client side it shows the below output.
>                 Its not assigning IPv6 address to the client.
>                 Also there is a subnet declaration 3ffe:501:ffff:101::/64 in
> conf file.

> Unable to pick client address: no addresses available

Have you used the range6 declaration?

Also, have you considered just using stateless autoconfiguration for
IPv6 addresses?


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