Dual stack DDNS behaviour

Nicolas C. dhcp at nryc.fr
Thu Apr 5 08:17:56 UTC 2012

Le 05/04/2012 05:28, Eustace, Glen a écrit :
> I am struggling with trying to understand what is supposed to happen
> with dynamic DNS updates when the client is running dual stack. Has
> anyone dug deep enough to give an overview of expected behaviour. I am
> starting to suspect that the IPv4 daemon is removing the AAAAs but have
> no evidence yet to back that up (e.g. named debug logs )
> I currently have update-conflict-detection to false for the IPv6 daemon.

I think you'll have a better idea of what's going on by looking on the 
DHCP logs instead of bind. DHCP will log what's it's trying to update or 

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