DHCP Failover and dhcpd.leases

"Küppers, Malte" M.Kueppers at douglas-informatik.de
Mon Apr 16 06:29:36 UTC 2012

Hi there and thanks a lot for your replies!

There are just some questions left:

-          I guess thats ok then, so I can safely enable failover mode without losing leases?!

-          How long does it take until the leases files are synchronized and equal on both servers? Until next update is pushed ?

-          Will I have to start the second server with a copy of the leases file? Or does a blank file work fine? Because while testing, I ran into the problem that if I wiped the leases files on both sides the

both server got stuck in some "waiting for update" state an neither primary nor secondary was handing out leases anymore... How can I wipe out the files safely if needed?

Thanks in advance


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