Regarding DHCP-4.2.3-P2??

Oskar Berggren oskar.berggren at
Thu Apr 19 06:40:23 UTC 2012

Den 19 april 2012 08:35 skrev  <ameen.shajahan at>:
> We can't run two instance at a single time.
> We have only one executable dhcpd.
> Is there any way to run two instances at a time.

I really don't understand the weird assumptions you seem to make here?
What makes you say you cannot run the same binary twice? Hundreds
(thousands) of installations already do so.

$ ./dhcpd -d -4 eth0
$ ./dhcpd -d -6 eth0

There, now you have two running processes.

If you by some weird system setup cannot execute the same binary
twice, how about:

$ cp dhcpd dhcpd4
$ mv dhcpd dhcpd6
$ dhcpd6 -d -6 eth0
$ dhcpd4 -d -4 eth0


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