How to enable and disable DHCP ??

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Apr 23 10:40:27 UTC 2012

ameen.shajahan at wrote:

>I am using ISC DHCP-4.2.3 for DHCP.
>Is there any option available for enabling and disabling DHCP.
>How to do with ISC code.

If you mean, can you turn on and off the DHCP service ...
Do you not have a single person in your group (I'm assuming you work 
for Wipro ?) with a clue about computers, and unix-like systems ?

To enable the service you start the DHCP daemon.
To disable the service you stop the DHCP daemon.

How you configure whether the daemon starts automatically on system 
boot (or on any other system event) is OS/variant dependant. Ie hwo 
you do it on Debian Linux is different to Red Hat (or Fedora) Linux, 
is different to FreeBSD, is different to Solaris, and so on.

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