(Multicast) DHCP relaying, or what happened to draft-hall-lemon-bootp-multicast-relays-02.txt?

Malte Starostik lists at malte.homeip.net
Mon Apr 23 20:51:18 UTC 2012


while simulating some setups in GNS3, I was considering some options for how 
to handle DHCP relaying with dhcpd running on two servers w/ failover 
configured.  It basically boiled down to hard-cofiguring either two (locally 
assigned) well-known addresses for whatever servers will provide DHCP and let 
those servers advertise via some IGP one of these IPs each - or devise some 
multicast setup.  During research, a long expired draft, http://www.eric-a-
hall.com/specs/draft-hall-lemon-bootp-multicast-relays-02.txt caught my 
What's described in there pretty much seems like what I wanted - but I totally 
failed to find any later version of the draft or any other information about 
what happened to it :(
Has this ever been implemented?  In ISC DHCP?  Seems like the only thing to 
add would be for dhcpd to join a configurable multicast group and listen 
accordingly?  If the draft really went into oblivion, is there any info as to 
why this happened?
Apart from that I'm definately also interested in additional approaches besides 
configuring the servers' actual and possibly changing IPs into every router.

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge,

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