feeding events to dhcp client state machine

bramkuma bramkuma at cisco.com
Wed Apr 25 19:12:35 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone, 

I¹m using the isc-dhcp-4.2.1 source-code. I¹ve integrated the dhcp-client as
a library whose functions I can call from some applications in my OS
(running a customized version of linux). I have 2 questions

1. I want to feed events to the dhcp-client state machine from the
outside-system, as a response to some stimuli. How do I go about doing this
? I see the omapi listener objects defined in  dhcp_common_objects_setup()
under comon/comapi.c, but I don¹t see the events getting used anywhere ( For
example: dhcp_control_set_value).

Can someone throw some light on this ?

2. Also, how do I make the dhcp-client dynamically add and remove interfaces
? I see that the main() goes through a discover_interfaces() call. This flow
is actually common to client, server and relay. The only way I can think of
doing this is to return without doing discover_interfaces() and then feed
events to the state-machine for a new add or remove.

Is there a better way to handle this situation ?


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