Can hosts get customized option value when they use DHCPINFORM messages?

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> apparently not. this causes consternation when clients are initially given
> a custom value at the initial lease and the dhcp inform changes it to a
> default as you observed. the best solution I have found is to tell the
> server it is not authoritative for subnets affected by this. version 4.x.x
> is required for this to work but contrary to the documentation will
> successfully ignore the troublesome dhcpinform requests.

If the client A needs customized configuration, and other clients that are
in the same subnet have different configuration.
Will this way affect others' result? And it seems like that the client A
will not get any configuration by sending DHCPINFORM in your way?


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>   Hi~
>  Does anyone know if we can let different clients get different option
> value when they query the DHCP server using DHCPINFORM message?
>  I know that we can let a client get customized configuration(different
> option values) using keyword "host".
> But it seems not work when the client uses DHCPINFORM message to query the
> server. When I try it, the server always gives me the configuration in the
> subnet. Can I let the server return the configuration based on the MAC
> address even when the client use DHCPINFORM?
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