multiple "match-values" in a subclass

Vijayakumar T. T. vijayt at
Wed Aug 8 10:04:19 UTC 2012


Please let me know how I can add multiple "match-values" in a subclass 
decleration. My aim is to specify as much as MAC address in subclass 
defenition, how it can be acheived ?? My current class and sub-class defenition 
are as below but here i was only able to define ONE MAC address per subclass. 
And in this case if i need to specify 1000 MACs then I should have 1000 
subclass statement...How it can be avoided..??

class "" { match hardware; };
subclass "" 1:00:1e:ec:63:44:11;

The ultimate aim to provide IP address randomly for all registered MAC. Since 
we have "N" types of NIC cards, I suppose it may not be possible to do any kind 
of maching statement in class defenition.

Kinldy help !!!



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