DDNS handling of "dumb" DHCP clients

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Aug 9 12:45:32 UTC 2012

Uwe Meyer-Gruhl wrote:

>There are NIC-imposed minimum utilizations

Do you mean NOC imposed ?

Are these private addresses on a private network ? If so then you 
really ought to be going back to the NOC (or rather their management) 
and telling them to stop being a bunch of *****.

There really is no reason for imposing such constraints (and 
headaches) on a private network.

Conversely, there really should be any reason to require a printer to 
be on a public (IPv4) address.

>There should be no need for a DHCP client to know its IP nor its DNS 
>handle before it gets them from the DHCP server (nor to report it 
>back via the FQDN option).

OK, I see where you are - I've always preferred to keep printers on a 
static address because there is (or was) too much hassle having them 

As I say, you're in ground I don't cover so I'm a bit limited in what 
to suggest. I don't recall ever having problem like you describe 

There is another option that may be relevant, you'll have to look it 
up and work that out for yourself :
>   use-host-decl-names
>If  the  use-host-decl-names  parameter  is true in a given scope, 
>then for every host declaration within that scope, the name provided 
>for the host declaration will be supplied to the client  as  its 

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