Sending IP range not in same range as Ethx

Dod dodfr at
Thu Aug 9 17:03:57 UTC 2012


  4.1-ESV-R4 on Debian

  I have a problem setting subnet that is not part of the IP range on
  which the Eth of the machine running DHCP daemon is.

  My need :

  Send IP within to

  Problem  is that the Eth1 on wich the dhcp machine is running is not
  in  10.19  range  so  when  I  start  it  it  say it cannot find any
  interface with that subnet.

  Why  do  it  need  to be in same subnet ? is it for DHCP negociation
  when  it  tries  to  echo  the  IP  it  will propose to see if it is
  actually used ?

  Second question, what is the parameter that permit to set
  as gateway ?


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