Clients sending corrupt VendorClassID

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Aug 21 18:06:34 UTC 2012

Randall C Grimshaw wrote:

>I am seeing PS3 devices submit a control value that is affecting the 
>log and class definitions.
>Vendor-Class Option 60, length 4: "PS3^@"

FYI, the same issue affects DNS updates when clients pad the hostname 
with nulls. As you say, what's needed (if it's not already 
implemented) is a filter to strip such characters from fields where 
they are not legal - I'm assuming they aren't legal for a hostname. 
But they could be for a Client-ID since that is "just a byte field" - 
so you'd need it as a generic function to apply to any string/option.

If it's just a single value then I think you could write an if 
statement to replace it with the corrected version.
Ie something along the lines of :
if vendor-class="PS3^@" then vendor-class=="PS3"

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