Use Pool for BOOTP only

Thomas Herrmann THerrmann at
Wed Aug 22 05:42:04 UTC 2012

I set up isc-dhcpd on two servers and configured failover. DHCP failover
seems to work properly. BOOTP clients receive the proper addresses, too.

This is my subnet part:

subnet netmask {
  pool {
    failover peer "adwin";
    deny dynamic bootp clients;
  pool { # bootp cannot do failover

  option routers;
  option broadcast-address;
  option domain-name-servers routersrv1.adwin.jcm, filesrv2.adwin.jcm;
  option domain-name "adwin.jcm";

  default-lease-time 1200;
  max-lease-time 2400;

  zone {
    key "rndc-key";
  zone adwin.jcm. {
    key "rndc-key";

Observing the logs, I found one entry where the IP was
given out to a DHCP client (not a BOOTP client!). How can I restrict the
IP addresses from for bootp only? Using the
current setup, the DHCP client would get a new IP address after the
primary server was down for a while, because the second does not do
failover for bootp.

The solution in this thread [1] seems to be exactly what I need, but
unfortunately, it does not work:

Aug 21 16:29:15 routersrv1 dhcpd: BOOTREQUEST from 00:0c:29:33:38:b2 via
eth0.1: BOOTP from dynamic client and no dynamic leases

I am using the debian testing version of isc-dhcpd (4.2.2.dfsg.1-5), but
I assume the error is not debian specific.

Thomas Herrmann


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