Introducing duid filed in lease file details

Amit at
Wed Aug 22 09:48:17 UTC 2012



I am using ISC dhcp-4.2.4. Once client gets ipv6 address, server stores
lease information in lease file as mentioned below:


ia-na "\271&\000\016\000\001\000\001\023\2775\211\000&\271\324\253\361" {

  cltt 1 2012/07/30 11:43:55;

  iaaddr 2001:4408::eeee:eeee:eeee:aa {

    binding state active;

    preferred-life 604800;

    max-life 2592000;

    ends 3 2012/08/29 11:43:55;




But without knowing DUID, It is impossible to identify client. Can we
include client DUID field also.



Thanks & Regards


Amit Kumar

Scientific Officer

Operation and Routing Group

M/O Communication and IT, NIC A- Block, CGO Complex, New Delhi

Ph. 24305091


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