dhcpv6 failover issue

Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Fri Aug 24 12:11:30 UTC 2012

On 24.08.2012 12:49, Amit wrote:
> I am using dhcp 4.2.2 and trying to do the failover.
> [...]
> subnet6 2001:4408:5205:128::/64 {
>         range6 2001:4408:5205:128::01 2001:4408:5205:128::FF;
> }
Failover for DHCPv6 is not supported.

The reason is simple. No such protocol was ever defined. There is a
(somewhat slow) on-going work in IETF to define v6 failover, but it is
nowhere near being ready for implementation. See 1,2 if you are interested.

2. http://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-failover-design/


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