Exponential Lease Time

Nicholas F Miller nicholas.miller at Colorado.EDU
Wed Aug 29 17:30:54 UTC 2012

I was wondering if the 'Exponential Lease Time' theory spelled out in the 'DHCP Lease Time Optimization' paper presented by Georgia Tech would go against any RFCs for DHCP. It would be a great option for large wireless implementations. Here is a snippet of the pertinent section and a link to the article:

"The exponential adaptation strategy issues small leases to clients
when they first arrive (which serves clients with small on-times)
and doubles the lease every time the client does a renew (which
reduces the number of times that persistent clients need to renew
their leases). Because the scheme assumes a short lease time but
gracefully adapts for clients that remain active for long periods of
time, we expect that it will work well for networks whose usage
characteristics are unpredictable or otherwise not well known."

Nicholas Miller, OIT, University of Colorado at Boulder

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