Exponential Lease Time

Adam Moffett adamlists at plexicomm.net
Wed Aug 29 19:35:46 UTC 2012

I think they could make the implementation a little smarter than that.  
Like start with a 120 second lease and double the lease time if we're 
renewing AND the lease expiration time is within x seconds of the 
current time.  A wireless client that drops off periodically should end 
up settling into an appropriately long lease time for the amount of time 
he's expected to be online.  Like if we're losing him several times a 
day and he's renewing his lease before it's expired then he'll end up 
with a lease time several hours long.

> ..couldn't this be really bad for wireless...where clients drop off 
> and reappear due to media and mobility of clients..they can very 
> quickly rack up requests and suddenly have lease times of years
> alan
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