MacOS 10.6 dhcp server config files installed to wrong place

Gallomimia gallomimia at
Sun Jan 1 23:15:33 UTC 2012

Salutations in a new year! I have been tinkering with getting some
network booting available to me for install purposes on an old machine
that just won't do it any other way (old mobo, broken cdrom, such and

It's been a fun and wondrous adventure, until I have discovered
something rather annoying to do with the install of dhcp server.

My install went rather easy, with no errors:
sudo make install

Seems simple enough. Great! After some tinkering and some forum
hopping I discovered how to integrate this server (and my tftp server)
into the launchd service manager of the Operating system.

MacOS X 10.6.8
DHCP distro 4.1 ESV R4
Standard Xcode 3.2.5 developer tools are installed of course.

It should also be worth noting I have mac ports installed, which seems
to flubb the locations of some of the config files and installed
binaries of software which it deals with.

After some .conf tinkering and testing of the boot on the old machine,
I went digging through the mac's reporting tools and discovered an
error message in the console: dhcpd won't start. Exit code 1.
First complaint: no manual entry to discover what code 1 means.
Second complaint: Each exit and relaunch dhcpd prints a huge
disclaimer to my console. I actually missed the pertinent line
describing the error: it can't find the .conf file.

I issued this command after carefully determining the paths to enter:
sudo mv /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf /etc/dhcpd.conf

The next launch of dhcpd gave the same result! Now it's hunting for leases.db

Great. The makefile must have put some dozen or two files in the wrong
place. Now I have to hunt them all down and move them manually. This
is my third and final complaint.

First question: Does anyone have a list handy of the files I should be
looking for?
Second question: Is this a bug? Should I report it?
Third question: I'm assuming because I found nothing in the release
notes for the production version regarding fixes of this nature.
Install bugs for mac were last fixed around version 3. Should I update
to production?

Thanks in advance for any tips in this matter.


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