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In my test setup (only fixed ipv6 addresses via dhcp) I also had to disable privacy addresses in windows 7.

netsh interface ipv6 set privacy state=disabled


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I have built ISC DHCP 4.2.3-P1 on Centos 6.2.  I am trying to use a Windows 7 client to obtain an IP Address as well as DNS information from the DHCPv6 server I setup.  I am currently unable to get my client to ever respond with an Information-Request.  I can see the Solicit and Advertise messages hit the server and with wire shark I can see that the server is handing the client all of the information I have configured in my dhcpd.conf file.  I have configured the M flag on my router to inform the client to use the DHCPv6 server for it's informaiton.  Are there additional steps that I need to take to get the client to accept the information from the server?

Here is my dhcpd.conf.

default-lease-time 43200;
max-lease-time  86400;
log-facility local7;

dhcpv6-lease-file-name "/var/db/dhcpd.leases";
subnet6 2001:XXXX:a::/64 {
# anchor to core network
# Management Network
                # Range for Clients
                range6 2001:XXXX:a::1000 2001:XXXX:b::1500;

                # Additional Options
                option dhcp6.name-servers 2001:XXXX:c:d::1, 2001:XXXX:e:f::1;
                option dhcp6.domain-search "example.com";


Here is what I have configured on my router for this test network.

interface ve 2001
 port-name IPv6 Test Network
 ipv6 address 2001:XXXX:a::1/64
 ipv6 nd managed-config-flag
 ipv6 nd ra-interval 30
 ipv6 nd router-preference high
My DHCPv6 server IP Address is 2001:XXXX:a::2.

Any thoughts would be great.

Thank You
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