DHCPD issues.

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Jan 10 21:04:52 UTC 2012

Stack KororÇ wrote:

>Whenever I boot any of the VM's the IP always 
>lands in the 172.31.202.x IP address range.

And if you look closely, they also probably have 
the wrong options (such as router - if you were 
specifying it).

>subnet netmask {
>     default-lease-time 86400;
>     max-lease-time 86400;
>     deny unknown-clients;
>     range;
>     group "devnet" {
>         host dev001.project.local { hardware ethernet 08:00:27:11:4B:E8; }


Host statement are global in scope, so any 
defined host statement "exists" in all subnets. 
However, what you will find is that the host will 
inherit options from the subnet where it's host 
statement is declared - even though they are 
invalid for wherever it happens to be.

For this setup, your best bet is classes and 
subclasses (check the man page where there is a 
specific example of allocating devices to classes 
based on MAC).

then you can do :
shared subnet ...
   subnet ...
     range ...
       allow members of "class_a"
   subnet ...
     range ...
       allow members of "class_b"
   subnet ...
     range ...
       allow members of "class_c"

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