DHCPv6 Question

Wim Vandersmissen Wim.Vandersmissen at icts.kuleuven.be
Tue Jan 10 21:18:03 UTC 2012


You mean FF02::1 ? Should be the correct packet.

You could see if by any chance windows has Router Fiscovery disabled 
(this is not by default though)

netsh interface ipv6 show interfaces level=verbose

Look for the correct interface and 'Router Discovery: disabled'
If not, no idea what could be causing it.


On 10/01/2012 21:57, Brian Hamacher wrote:
> Wim,
> If I look through my Router Advertisments I do see the FE80 address 
> that should be getting set as the default gateway.  After looking 
> through the Router Advertisment a bit more it does appear to be 
> telling the client about the flags that are set in this case "M" and 
> "O" .  It also defines the Prefix for the network.  Is that the 
> correct packet to be looking at?  It is sourced from the router and 
> being sent to the ff01::1 All Nodes Address.
> Brian
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> Yes, you should be getting the default gateway from Router 
> Advertisements (unfortunately not yet from DHCPv6).
> Do you see the advertisements in wireshark ?
> --Wim
> On 10/01/2012 20:54, Brian Hamacher wrote:
>> Wim,
>> Thank you for the advice that did fix my issue on the Windows 7 
>> laptop.  I am now getting dns information.  The next trouble I am 
>> having is I am not getting a default gateway.  Correct me if I am 
>> wrong but I thought that was derived from the Router Advertisments?  
>> Is there a setting or option I need to change to get this information 
>> passed to the client?
>> Thank You
>> Brian
>> In my test setup (only fixed ipv6 addresses via dhcp) I also had to 
>> disable privacy addresses in windows 7.
>> netsh interface ipv6 set privacy state=disabled
>> --Wim
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