State of DHCP6 client & PPP interfaces ?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Sun Jan 15 22:20:51 UTC 2012

Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at> writes:

> What's the current situation with PPP interfaces ?
> Also, is there a hook (script call) for my needs ?
> I've been trialling my ISPs IPv6 service, and it needs a DHCP6 client
> to get a PD from them. Once I get a PD, I then need to configure a
> bunch of stuff - at a minimum IP6 addresses and radvd on the router,
> ideally other stuff too. I don't get an address, just a PD.
> So all I'm interested in is getting a PD and calling an external
> script on getting it, if it expires, or if it changes.
> The router (and most of my internal systems) runs Debian Squeeze.

I use the wide-dhcpv6-client package in Debian for this purpose.  It
still is the most complete and functional dhcpv6 client available. You
tell it how you want to split the prefix over your interfaces, and it
will also run a script which you can use to setup DNS servers (but not
prefixes/routes as those variables aren't available to the script).

The Debian version has some nice extra features, like the ability to use
a profile instead of a static interface name in the config file, and
configuring a static interface id instead of using eui64.

For radvd, just set "prefix ::/64 {};" on all the interfaces where you
want to announce a prefix from the PD block, and it will automatically
pick up the first global /64 on those interfaces.

You probably have to reload radvd every time the addresses may have
changed. You can do so from the dhcpv6 client script.

ISC has promised PPP support, but only time will show when....


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