DHCPv6 and MAC Address inclusion

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I for one would love to see your config to see how you are doing this. The hardware ethernet isn't included in the DHCPv6 packet (at least as far as I can see from packet captures) other than as part of the client-id (DUID) on *SOME* clients (ie: NOT d-link). Would love to see your configs... Didn't know the DHCP server decoded the DUID to know what the hardware ethernet is. 

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> I realize I'm coming in late to this discussion, but I thought I'd
> throw in my personal experience with a question.. We're running the
> ISC dhcpv6 server v4.1.1-P1 that comes pre-packaged with Redhat 6.
> We use the phrase "hardware ethernet" to denote MAC addresses in our
> reservation tables and the clients get recognized. Is this behavior
> not part of the RFC and/or removed in newer versions of the server?

> I realize that using the MAC address limits us to one assignment per
> interface, but we don't have any cases where we dynamically assign
> more than one address per physical NIC so we don't lose anything.
> I'm just wondering if our current approach is a kluge and we should
> be trying to figure out a clean way to get the server to tell us
> which link-local addresses and/or MAC addresses match to which DUIDs
> that are being used by clients (we haven't been able to find one
> yet) or if we can expect to keep going with MACs as the client-ids.

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> A convincing case for the need of the MAC address in the DHCP packet:

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