host-identifier and option 82

David Forrest drf at
Fri Jan 27 11:06:32 UTC 2012

On Fri, 27 Jan 2012, Michal Vančo wrote:

> Hi Glen,
> yes I know about stash-agent-options flag. And I also know what its purpose is.
> Despite this fact, what happens when you restart DHCP server? What I know is, that no information about
> static leases (static host entries) is written into lease file. Hence server will forget all stashed agent options
> and the client will not be able to renew its address. This is what I probably see when my
> logfile starts to fill with "unknown lease" messages after I restart server.
> regards
> -michal

Some time ago I had problems with the treatment of static leases and 
started using the "reserved" statement in the problematical assignment 
added to the leases file.  .  It did take one of the pool addresses up 
permanently, but so did the static assignment anyway.  For my static 
servers, it hasn't caused a problem and it allows whatever 
queuing/aliasing to occur naturally.  Such a tactic might work for you as 
it has to be done on a closed dhcpd anyway.  I added the rDNS and also 
added the option to turn allow updates off as it failed anyway because it 

Dave Forrest 
St. Louis, Missouri

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