query about dhcp lease file(dhcpd.leases)

Glenn Satchell glenn.satchell at uniq.com.au
Tue Jul 10 15:07:33 UTC 2012

Lease records are appended to this file, so it can grow to a size only 
limited by the filesystem. As the lease database is kept entirely in 
memory, the number of leases is limited by the available memory on the 
system. There have been a number of users posting here who regularly 
have more than 100k active leases.

When the server starts it reads the dhcpd.leases file, discards 
duplicates and keeps only the latest record for each lease. From time to 
time the server writes out a new lease file, without any duplicate records.

The dhcpd.leases file is described in the man page: dhcpd.leases(5). 
dhcpd.leases~ is a copy of the old lease file which is re-written from 
time to time.


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On 07/11/12 00:52, ameen.shajahan at wipro.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> For ISC DHCP-4.2.3, how many lease entries the lease file can contain at
> the max???
> Consider DHCPv4 server is running and it will store the lease entries in
> dhcpd.leases
> If I stop the server and run again what will happen to dhcpd.leases
> whether it will append again in dhcpd.leases.
> Also while running DHCPv4 server dhcpd.leases~ created automatically.
> What is the purpose of the dhcpd.leases~ file?
> Ameen S
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