Failover : one DHCP cannot delete TXT/PTR records (timed out)

Nicolas C. dhcp at
Wed Jul 25 20:18:59 UTC 2012


I'm using DHCP in failover mode, one server hosts the DHCP and the DNS, 
the other only DHCP, dynamic DNS updates are activated ("deny 

Our version of DHCP is the one provided by Debain Squeeze : 4.1.1-P1.

The DHCP configuration is the same on the two servers (updated with 
rsync) at the exception of the "failover peer" section witch is unique 
on each server.

I recently noticed that the "dhcp-only" server cannot cleanup the DNS 
correctly, it can delete the "A" record but the PTR and TXT are left behind.

I don't understand what's happening. Somebody had a similar issue :

Below is a overview of the problem, I'm not sure if it is relevant but 
bind is sending notifies before the TXT/PTR deletion attempt. We are 
using IPv4 and IPv6 but on the Bind log I can see the "dhcp-only" server 
using its IPv4 or IPv6 address with no problem.

Any help or ideas on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

=> DHCP log : delete of "A" record, OK

Jul 25 21:25:58 tunng dhcpd: if VIRTUP1-VB5S480.mydomain.ext IN TXT 
"31dcd9480a551fe071cb967d1eb2b2e0db" rrset exists and 
VIRTUP1-VB5S480.mydomain.ext IN A rrset exists delete 
VIRTUP1-VB5S480.mydomain.ext IN A success.

=> DHCP log (continuing) : delete of "TXT" record, not OK

Jul 25 21:25:59 tunng dhcpd: if VIRTUP1-VB5S480.mydomain.ext IN A rrset 
doesn't exist and VIRTUP1-VB5S480.mydomain.ext IN AAAA rrset doesn't 
exist delete VIRTUP1-VB5S480.mydomain.ext IN TXT 
"31dcd9480a551fe071cb967d1eb2b2e0db": timed out.

=> Bind log : only the "A" deletion is visible

Jul 25 21:25:58 calla named[1149]: client updating 
zone 'mydomain.ext/IN': deleting an RR at VIRTUP1-VB5S480.mydomain.ext A
Jul 25 21:25:58 calla named[1149]: zone mydomain.ext/IN: sending 
notifies (serial 2010367927)



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