Help: dhcrelay and option 82 configuration

Muthu R muthu.rk.bkp at
Tue Jul 31 21:49:14 UTC 2012


Looks like this question is asked many times. But I couldn't find
appropriate suggestion for this issue. Deeply appreciate if somebody
provides some pointer to this problem.

I am using dhcrelay in my test setup. Currently it successfully relays DHCP
packets between 2 networks. I tried adding dhcp relay agent options with
"-a option". It sends interface name as circuit id.

a) How will enable the relay agent to send remote id (man mentions it is
enabled by default). Any conf file change needed?
b) Is it possible to change the value passed in circuit-id to custom value?
c) Also is it possible to include different relay options like subscriber
id to the network?

dhcrelay verison: DHCP 4.2.4-P1 [ Latest drop ]
OS version: Ubuntu x86 LTS 12 04

Appreciate your help.

Thanks, Muthu
PS: I am a novice Linux user. Apologies if I had missed anything obvious
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