"already exists" logging question

Raymond Drew Walker Ray.Walker at nau.edu
Thu Mar 1 22:59:12 UTC 2012

After upgrading from 3.0.x to 4.2.x we have been noticing logs like such
when restarting the DHCP service:

03/01/2012 15:09:41 /usr/local/opt/dhcpd/dhcp.leases line 792: host
student24453.student.nau.edu-dynamic: already exists
03/01/2012 15:09:41 }
03/01/2012 15:09:41  ^

While the client seems to be recieving a proper IP and functioning as
expected, I could not find any information on this log. It seems that the
number of these logs grow as DHCP traffic increases, which is our current

When examining the dhcp.leases and dhcp.leases~ files, all associated
entries including reverse lookup seem to be correct and no duplicates (to
my knowledge) are found. I could provide specific information if requested.

Could someone explain why this happens, and suggested methods to eliminate
it if necessary?

Raymond Walker
Software Systems Engineer Sr.
ITS Northern Arizona University

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