ISC DHCPv6 Support?

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Mon Mar 5 12:18:25 UTC 2012

> I am using ISC DHCP-4.2.3 code for DHCPv4 and v6.
> I would like to know the various DHCPv6 support of ISC code.
>                 1.Stateful support?
>                 2.Stateless support?
>                 3.what are the classes type that DhCPv6 will support?
>                 4.Prefix Delegation support?

Have you tried reading the man pages? See specifically dhcpd.conf.5:

       For any IPv6 subnet6 on which addresses will be  assigned  dynamically,
       there  must  be at least one range6 statement. The range6 statement can
       either be the lowest and highest IPv6 addresses in  a  range6,  or  use
       CIDR  notation,  specified as ip6-address/bits. All IP addresses in the
       range6 should be in the  subnet6  in  which  the  range6  statement  is

(stateful, IA_NA)

       The  temporary  variant makes the prefix (by default on 64 bits) avail-
       able for temporary (RFC 4941) addresses. A new address  per  prefix  in
       the  shared  network  is computed at each request with an IA_TA option.
       Release and Confirm ignores temporary addresses.

(stateful, IA_TA)

       Any IPv6 addresses given to hosts with fixed-address6 are excluded from
       the range6, as are IPv6 addresses on the server itself.

(stateful, fixed)

       The  prefix6 is the range6 equivalent for Prefix Delegation (RFC 3633).
       Prefixes of bits length are  assigned  between  low-address  and  high-

(prefix delegation, IA_PD)

Also, dhcp-options.5 specifies quite a bit about what IPv6 options are

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