Fixed address inside dynamic range

Jeff Waller jeffw at
Wed Mar 7 16:16:16 UTC 2012

Well putting in a "reserved lease" in the conf file doesn't sound very different from
defining a host.  Is it the mac address administration that is the problem?

I think I sent a message on this last month;  can you:

set the minimum lease time to infinite: 0xffffffff for the pool
where you want reserved leases and also set the infinite-is-reserved 
flag to true.  All leases in that pool will be reserved.

do you want to take a particular lease and set it to reserved?  That's
a straightforward OMAPI program.  

Editing lease files is is temporary workaround stuff when all else fails.  I
never would do that as part of your administrative practices.  You know
the community is pretty far beyond this kind of stuff, I don't know why
people keep suggesting it.


On Mar 7, 2012, at 7:58 AM, Brent L. Bates wrote:

>     What we really need is to be able to put a `reserved' lease in the
> configuration file and not have to edit the lease file manually after the
> fact.  I thought that was suppose to be on the `list of things to do'.
> Actually, I thought it was suppose to appear in version 4.
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