[DHCP] Clean up of the dhcpd.leases file

the Radio theradio at free.fr
Mon Mar 19 19:16:25 UTC 2012

Deleting the leases file erases the records concerning the dynamic 
association between mac addresses and IP addresses. Therefore, the 
server may give already allocated addresses when restarted.
Hopefully, the server (and more and more hosts do the same) checks on 
the network if the IP address is already in use. BUT, if it gets no 
answer (the host may be temporarily inaccessible), a conflict MAY arise.

Probability is low, but not null.

Le 19/03/2012 18:39, Ashley M. Kirchner a écrit :
>     That's actually exactly what I do, just delete the file.  Static 
> IPs are defined in dhcp.conf, not in .leases.  The .leases file just 
> gets updated every time there's a connection change.  I have yet to 
> see any ill behavior from deleting it.  All the systems on the network 
> will at some point renew without a problem.
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