dhclient -n -w and omshell

hs bai hsoskernels at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 02:00:48 UTC 2012

Hi experts,

I am trying to use the '-n -w' options of dhclient for configuring
an interface not present at boot time but could be accessed at
later, and from the manual page of dhclient the 'dhclient -n -w'
and omshell could do what I want, but I have never been succeed
on this, what I have done:

On a terminal: dhclient -n -w
On another terminal:
> connect
> new control
> set state=3
> update
> set state=4
> update

but the state of the dhclient stayed at '4' even trying to update
it to '3', does anyone succeed to do the above?

Does the '-n -w' and omshell could work in the latest dhclient?

Best regards
Eric Bai
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