Requests to support only DHCPv6 identity

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The DUID is global to the computer and as such does serve as a unique identifier.

When equipment has multiple NICs, this would only cause an issue, as I see it, if both NICs are in the same network.  If, as would I believe be the more normal case, they are indifferent networks, then I believe this is fine as an address out of the appropriate scope would be allocated for each.

What happens with the DDNS is something I haven't tested.  I believe the reverse lookup, the PTR would be added correctly but I suspect that any existing AAAA would probably be deleted and replaced with the 2nd one.

In theory one can have multiple AAAA for the same host.

As already stated in an earlier email, I am not sure that DHCPv6 has been particularly well thought through.  I would still *REALLY* like to hear from anyone who has what they consider a good working deployment.

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    Because DUID Conflict in window2008 system installed two NIC.

So We should choose an Only and not repeat the identity identifier. For a variety of applications client.

Identity should not be repeated, whether in any environment.

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