Requests to support only DHCPv6 identity

michoski michoski at
Thu Mar 29 06:42:09 UTC 2012

On 3/28/12 11:09 PM, "Ted Lemon" <Ted.Lemon at> wrote:
>> As already stated in an earlier email, I am not sure that DHCPv6 has been
>> particularly
>> well thought through.  I would still *REALLY* like to hear from anyone who
>> has
>> what they consider a good working deployment.
> So come to the working group meetings and participate, instead of taking
> potshots from the 50 yard line.

Sounds good, but everyone's probably not so privileged.

That said, pointers to gory implementation details (if anyone actually cares
to share, seems like it's needed though), relevant BCPs, etc. would likely
help educate everyone facing these challenges.

Maybe it's too soon for them to exist.  I'm sure a lot of people had similar
questions when TCP/IP first replaced NCP.  ;-)  I can Google and find
answers to anything (too many in fact) IPv4, not quite with IPv6...yet.

More than objecting to the question, I'd been looking forward to real
answers to this thread.  FWIW your insight actually helped me a bit, I'm
hoping there's more.

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