lease renewal activity

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Mar 29 20:32:52 UTC 2012

Jamie Savage wrote:

>Discover, Offer, Request is good.  Subsequent requests 
>at the 5 minute half-life.......again...all is well......until 10:22 
>where the requests are no longer 5 minutes apart and then a discover 
>is initiated at 10.24 and then the 5 minute half-life requests start 

My guess is that <something> happened to prevent packets being 
received. So renewal at 10:14 went OK, but renewal at 10:19 (50% of 
lease used) failed. Since you say you didn't touch it, I guess you've 
no idea if any other network traffic was working.

At 10:22, about 75% of lease used, the client starts to renew more 
vigorously. Finally, at 10:24:46 (7 seconds before lease expires), 
the client gives up and broadcasts a Discover. At this point, the 
<something> that broke the network got fixed (by the act of the DHCP 
client configuring the interface ?) and the client then continued 

As to what the <something> is, no ideas !

Simon Hobson

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