lease renewal activity

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Mar 30 22:08:36 UTC 2012

Jamie Savage wrote:

>I had not thought of the possibility of the ACK from the DHCP server 
>not making it back to the client for whatever reason.  I'm not 
>familiar with what the client does in this case.  Simon, in this 
>situation, you've suggested the client will DHCPREQUEST more 
>aggressively and then finally give up and start all over with a 


The first stage is a renewal, unicast to the server.
If that fails, then later the client will start broadcasting it's 
renewal requests - there may be another server that can renew it.
If that fails, then on lease expiration the client is required to 
stop using the lease. It's only option is to start broadcasting 
Discover messages to find a server.

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